Community Partners

The Canadian Science Policy Conference invites your organization to become a Community Partner for CSPC 2013!

By becoming the community partner, you join the national science, technology and innovation policy network.

Community partners help in building a national science and innovation policy dialogue and spread the word about the upcoming CSPC conference. This would involve primarily providing publicity for CSPC 2013 and boosting our attendance. You can become a community partner by helping us with any of the following:

  • Include CSPC announcements in your newsletter;
  • Circulate CSPC relevant news to your listserve;
  • Include a link to CSPC on your website;
  • Donate advertising space to CSPC.

All Community Partners benefit from their support of the CSPC by raising the profile of their organization amongst the science and innovation policy community and the public. The support of Community Partners will be acknowledged on our website and in our printed Conference Proceedings. In addition, becoming a CSPC Community Partner is a great way to network with other organizations with an interest and stake in science policy in Canada.

Becoming a Community Partner is not equivalent to being a sponsor, and there is no obligation for Community Partners to support CSPC 2013 financially. However, please be aware that financial sponsors will have the most visibility during the conference and in our materials.

Support the development of a strong science policy conference in Canada! To find out more about how to become a community partner and what your organization can do to support CSPC 2013, please contact:

Government Relations Institute of Canada
Earnscliffe Strategy Group
Schroeder & Schroeder Inc
Innovate Calgary
Health Science Inquiry
Chemical Institute of Canada
Genomics Entrepeunership
Canadian Association of Science Centres
BioTech Annecto
Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario
Bad Science Watch
Evidence for Democracy
Intellectual Property Institute of Canada
Canadian Agricultural Economics Society
Research Money